Speed Square Credits

Speed Square was created by a small team of indie game developers. The idea for the game goes back to 2018 when cousins Kennan Mell and Ethan Lacoe began discussing new projects after publishing their first mobile game Factor Find.

Factor Find was a moderate success, mostly thanks to it being featured by Apple as one of the “New Games We Love”. So, we wanted to keep a lot of the things that we thought made Factor Find successful in our next tile: taking inspiration from a popular existing game, using mobile-first design, and having accessibility/inclusion features like a colorblind mode.

While we were very excited about the concept of Speed Square and quickly built a prototype, the final product took over two years to develop. In part, this was because of our high quality standards; in particular, it was difficult to create a game play mode that wasn’t too repetitive. The moves-based level system in the game today took a lot of trial and error. But life also got in the way and between Kennan’s new job and Ethan’s new baby.

We couldn’t have finished the game if it wasn’t for Yating Han (Kennan’s wife) who helped with development and led QA testing, and Sanket from White Orange Software (a design firm) who did the UI/UX design.

We hope you’ll enjoy playing Speed Square! Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.